3 monuments that you must visit in Menorca

Menorca possesses a rich arqueological patrimony. When we decided to come on holiday to the island, we were recommended to visit it. We have spent some wonderful days investigating pre-historical Menorca.


There are two monuments per kilometre squared, more than 1500 sites.  There is a  wide selection of interesting places, populated by the first inhabitants of the island, 4000 years ago.

We would like to recommend 3 interesting visits:

  1. Torre den Galmés, the largest talayotic village on the island, close to Son Bou and located on a hill from which there is a good view of most of the south coast. Here are featured the post-talaiotic houses called “circulos”, (circles). Large slabs of stone form an interior patio, around which are situated the different dwellings. In this enclosure, the taula had fallen. We went to the village of Trepuco to see one. It  is in the form of a “T” consisting of two enormous stones, making it a monument unique in the world.
  2. La Naveta de Es Tudons, in Ciudadella, the most visited monument in Menorca, is a tomb in the shape of an upturned boat. It is a construction unique to Menorca and was used for group burials of families and clans. It was restored in the 20th century, and in its interior  human bones, pieces of ceramics and bracelets were among the findings.
  3. The necropolis of Cales Coves, in Alaior, has more than 90 burial caves situated in the rocks that surround a little bay that you will love.

Did you know that talayotic Menorca is candidate for the declaration of World Patrimony of UNO?  The denomination comes from the Talayots, constructions of large stones, of which there are more than 300 on the island? Visit Menorca, its prehistoric history will surprise you.

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