Do you want tranquility and good weather?

Are you thinking of travelling to Menorca with your partner? The month of September is ideal to spend some quiet, relaxing and with good weather.


​Mild temperatures and almost deserted beaches. The sea is still warm and calm enough for nautical activities and walking is once again possible, now that the high summer temperatures have passed.

More and more people are now choosing September and October to visit the island. The mild climate of Menorca continues and invites you to explore the beautiful un-spoilt beaches of the north and quietly appreciate their glowing colours and spectacular sea beds.

Perhaps you prefer beaches with fine, white sand? The south of the island offers you  a wide variety of perfect little coves and bays with transparent, blue water on which you can happily stay, most probably by yourselves at this pleasurable time of the year. There are so many perfect spots, like Son Bou where you can see a magnificent sunset, putting the perfect final touch to your day.

But Menorca isn´t only sunshine and beaches. The agreeable temperatures open doors to other activities, which you may not want to undertake during the hot summer months.  Take an excursion on horseback, travelling along some parts of the Cami de Cavalls, a path that winds round the island coast. It will be a memorable experience for you: nature at its best providing captivating images, all for you to think back on during the winter months.

A visit to the pre-historic villages, a trip on a sailing boat, getting a taste of the local menorcan dishes,….  During the months of September and October the island continues to offer a wide variety of activities with tranquility, without drawbacks and with excellent weather. We are sure you won´t need to be convinced.  If you travel with your partner this autumn, you will discover that there is still lots to see and do in Menorca.  Now…., when are you coming?

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