Have you heard of the medieval games that take place during the San Juan fiesta in Ciutadella

In June, the town of Ciutadella comes to life with festivity and tradition. You can join in the popular and well-known San Juan fiesta.


The horses are the focal point. Adorned in bright colours, with braided manes and tails, they know the fiesta depends on them, on their parading and jumping, and on the skill of their riders dressed in traditional costume.

The fiesta symbolises the beginning of summer in Menorca, and will surprise the visitor with it´s intensity and medieval games, the `Jocs des Pla´, which are not to be missed. In Ciutadella harbour riders and horses take part in different competitions which have their origins in jousting tournaments celebrated in the middle ages. The games are held on the morning of the 24th of June, when there is a great family atmosphere, and are repeated during the evening.

However the festivities begin on the 23rd of June, when the first notes of the `fabiol´ (a small pipe) and drum are played. At around 14.00 in the afternoon the streets start to fill up with revelers who, upon hearing the music, follow the pipe player on his donkey as he rounds up the riders and horses that will take part in the first `caragol´ parade around the main square. Accompanied by the band playing the traditional `jaleo´ music, the horses are ridden in amongst the crowds and rear up onto their hind legs, their riders receiving great applause for the skill they display in controlling them.

Menorca Rentals recommend the San Juan fiesta in Ciutadella to our guests. Whilst the stunning black Menorcan stallion is the central figure, the island´s fiestas are also rich in cultural and gastronomic tradition. Would you like to experience them? You will have a wonderful time enjoying 3 intense days of music, colour, and fun.

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