Have you visited Menorca's lighthouses?

Since the fourteenth century there have been over 700 shipwrecks off the coast of Menorca. The island´s rocky coastline, with many small outcrops emerging from the sea, posed a challenge to even the most daring of sailors. Nowadays the island has 7 lighthouses which, as a result of the wonderful views and sunsets their priveledged locations offer, have become attractions in themselves.


Are you an active holidaymaker? . We suggest the following excursion, taking in 3 of the island´s 7 lighthouses:

  1. Punta Nati lighthouse, 6km to the north of Ciutadella, was inaugurated in 1913 and stands at 42 metres above sea level. The landscape is very flat here, vegetation is sparse, and you will see many small stone constructions. These are `barracas´, built to shelter livestock from the elements. 44km separate Son Bou from Punta Nati lighthouse by road. Why not leave the car in Ciutadella and walk the rest of the way? They say the best sunsets on the island can be enjoyed here.
  2. Cavallería lighthouse, 13km to the north of Es Mercadal, was inaugurated in 1857 and stands at 94 metres above sea level. The main building is home to a small maritime museum. Nearby you will also find a narrow cave, leading to the cliffs, from which the small `Isla dels Porros´ can be seen. The surrounding area is also fascinating, and you can visit the remains of Sanisera, the largest Roman settlement in the Balearic Islands. 28km separate Son Bou from Cavalleria lighthouse by road. Leave your car next to Cavalleria beach, and take a pleasant walk past the small natural harbour of `Sanitja´.
  3. Favaritx lighthouse, 18km from Mahon, was inaugurated in 1922 and stands at 47 metres above sea level. You will fall in love with the surounding landscape, a rocky outcop jutting out into the sea. We recommend taking the car and also visiting one of the adjacent bays. 31km separate Son Bou from Favaritx.

Autumn is the ideal time of year for taking part in these excursions. The light changes, the temperatures cool, and the island´s nature can be enjoyed in all it´s splendour. Did you know that off the coast of Menorca there are 14 shipwrecks, which over time have turned into artificial reefs for a rich variety of sealife? Nowadays the imposing lighthouses help protect against further such incidents.

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