Let´s take an autumn walk in Menorca!

It´s a mild season, not so hot and the days are shorter. The mornings are the best time for walking and the “Cami de cavalls”, here in Menorca, offers you various choices. You can enjoy the beautiful countryside with sea views.

Here at Menorca Rentals we suggest an area near to our villas: follow the route which joins Son Bou to Santa Tomas. It is an easy walk of six and a half kilometres following the coastline and surrounded by delightful, natural scenery.

As you pass by the marsh-lands of Son Bou, one of the most important wet zones of Menorca, you will hear the sound of the ducks, moor hens, and other water fowl which live and nest there. At about 5 in the afternoon, you can see the flocks of Starlings which come and settle there for the evening, forming swarms like bees in the sky. It´s a magnificent sight.

You will pass over large slabs of stone and breathe in the smell of the damp earth. It´s an area, full of vegetation which will take you behind the beach of Son Bou, until the end of the dunes and past the natural beach of Atalis.

The route is well marked, “cami de cavalls”. On the one side, the dramatic cliffs, rocks and sea. On the other, the ever greener autumn foliage of the menorcan countryside from which descend two torrents, (possibly still dry from the lack of summer rain) from the Barranco (valley) de Son Boter. You will need to open several wooden gates on order to follow the path. Always remember to leave these as you find them to avoid animals escaping.

Arriving at Santo Tomas, the attractive scenery of its beach of pale sand and blue water welcomes you. Even though it may not be as warm as previous months, you may well be tempted to bathe in the transparent water there.

If you enjoy the walk, why not try it on a bike or on horseback? If you still don´t know the Camí de Cavalls it is a good way to start the beginning of this unique way that goes completely round Menorca.

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