Menorca, a paradise in winter

The beaches are not just for the summer. At least in Menorca, not. The days are cool but, often, clear and sunny. Ideal to discover some small solitary coves to arrive walking along the Camí de Cavalls.​


Menorca has a path which runs along the whole of its coast. On foot, on horseback or by bike, each year there are more people who enjoy the Cami de Cavalls and its beautiful  views.

Here at Menorca Rentals we would like to propose 3 routes.

  • To the south:  - Calan Porter.  This is a walk of 8 Km. which begins  in the valley of Llucalari, until the cove there. We leave the coast and soon we find ourselves in the valley of Calan Porter. Once there, we leave the route to visit the talayotic village of Torralba den Salord . We can then go to the beach or visit the Caves of Xoroi.
  • To the east: Punta Prima – Cala San Esteban. 7,3 Km. of pathway close to the coast from where you can see La Isla del Aire and its lighthouse. You can enjoy the leafy valley of Rafalet  that will offer you welcome shade for the way and will take you to Cala Rafalet. A lovely contrast of scenery.
  • To the north: Els Alocs – Algaiarens. 9,7Km. which pass by Cala Pilar, a small red sandy beach and an extensive area of woodland.  And so you  arrive at the un-spoilt beaches of La Vall.

You can enjoy clean air and the surrounding nature. And if the weather allows, you can paddle in the sea!

If you have come with your partner, take the opportunity of enjoying a romantic evening. If you are one of those people who only travel in summer, you might just change your mind…

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