Menorca and the Sea

Every island has a special bond with the sea, which in turn forms its identity. Menorca is surrounded by the Mediterranian Sea and there is no doubt that its most outstanding quality is the quality of its beautiful, crystal clear waters and their turquiose colour.


The sea is not only an attraction for the tourists, but also for the locals, many of  whom are keen fishermen or followers of water-sports such as kayak, kite- surf, wind surf, etc., Many people own a boat. The most typical here is called a “llaüt”. This is a small latin-sailing boat of about 4m in length which has three small masts and can reach up to seven knots. It is a sturdy little boat, making it perfect for leisure sailing, fishing, etc., This Menorcan tradition is still alive thanks to an small assosiation of local sailors, who, from the eighties, have lovingly rescued and restaured more than a hundred of these valuable little boats.

If you are visiting and feel like a day´s sailing in Menorcan waters, there is a large choice of activities to choose from:

You can hire a kayak by the hour or for a day. Motor-boats are also popular and there is a variety of models and prices for all tastes and pockets. Other options are the yachts and catamarans, if you are an enthusiastic sailor. For those who do not sail, but want to spend a day on the sea, there are also excursions available, offering a package with food and drink. These are ideal for discovering beaches difficult to reach from inland and seeing the beautiful menorcan coastline.

Menorca Rentals can advise you on the type of boat which adapts most to your needs.  You can contact them on  reception  and they will organize everything for you.

Welcome aboard!

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