Menorca. More than beach and sun

The most of you thinking of coming to Menorca feel attracted to its beaches, peace and good weather. But Menorca is more than this and offers you a lot of spots to be discovered.

How many of you know that Menorca is the place with more archaeological remains in the Mediterranean? Have you heard before the words “naveta”, “taula” and “talayot”?

You can see all of them emerging between the nature and you will be transported to a mysterious past, as nowadays no one knows how and for what they were built. Today you can learn more about this with two experts on the subject, Elena and Sabi, two menorquin girls that have founded a new company organizing archaeological trips and excursions adapted to everybody.

So if you wish to be surprised for new emotions and discover another side of this small but rich island, we invite you to visit their

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