Surprising colours at Cavalleria

Menorca is an island full of contrasts; from the white sands and green countryside of the south to the red sands of the north with its high cliffs.

And the charm of this ochre coloured coast is summed up in the area of Cavalleria, one of the loveliest on the island.

Arriving at the beach car park is easy from Es Mercadal. From there to the beach there is about a ten minute walk. Once you arrive at your destination, from the top, you will be able to marvel at the panoramic views.

You can get to the beach by way of some wooden steps, it is more than half a kilometre in length. To the left there are small inlets that you can swim to. They are well known for their rich, red mud. Many people apply this to their skin, as it leaves it soft and clean. Before you do this remember that you will contributing to an un-natural erosion of the cliffs. (This mud stains swim wear, too.)

If you like to walk, go onto the end of the beach. You will find the Cami de Cavalls” which will take you, in some 20 minutes, to Cala Mica. This little bay reveals a surprising sight with the diverse layers of earth that have been forming over the years in the steep sides of the beach.

Don´t forget to take your camera, although you will not be able to capture the scent of rosemary along the way. You will find it difficult to choose what it is you like most about the north side of Menorca. There are so many attractions along this coast. To choose your favourite will be difficult.

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