The magic of the sun in Menorca

You’ll think you’re dreaming. Red, yellow and ocher that change the tonality of the blue sea. The natural spectacle of light and color that precedes the darkness begins. From the beach, sitting on a dune, you thought you were going to enjoy the sunset, but this is pure magic. You cannot miss it!


Menorca offers visitors unique sunsets. Groups of people gather in different places on the island to attend the recital of color that nature shows when the sun melts into the sea and goes from light to dark with all shades.

This is display of power from the sun and, from Menorca Rentals, we are pleased to recommend some places where you can enjoy this view:

  1. Son Bou, located in the south of the island, is one of the prime locations in Menorca to enjoy a beautiful sunset. From the beach, or from some of the villas in the area, you can admire this natural spectacle. You can also do it from the Christian basilica, which is located in the beginning of the beach. Definitely, Son Bou is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset and, if you do it from one of our villas, which allow a wider view, you’ll enjoy it for sure.
  2. Cavallería, located in the north of the island, offers a different, but equally attractive landscape. From the lighthouse, atop the cliffs in the area, you will see the sunset with an inimitable set of colors. We change the blue and green of Son Bou to ocher and yellow melting into the blue sea. Those who have lived the experience, repeat. This must be for some reason.
  3. Punta Nati, located in the west of the island, is one of the highlights. The visit to the lighthouse, in the early hours of sunset, is almost obligatory. If the day is cloudless, you can see the outline of the mountains of Mallorca on the horizon, and enjoy a sunset you will never forget. We recommend being there early; otherwise, you may find difficult to park the car, as the road narrows on the way to the lighthouse.

These are 3 of the best sunsets you can enjoy in Menorca. A free natural and magical show, so every day you can choose a different place to contemplate it. If you come to Menorca with your partner, we recommend you to invite him/her to see the sunset, as it is very romantic. Do you dare to try it and share your experience? Save a memory, take the camera and send us photos!

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