The temptation lives in Menorca

Would you like to give an unforgettable gift to your partner? Just get ready for a romantic escape to Menorca. This island offers all type of experiences.


It is up to you; enjoying the warm weather and virgin coves of clear water, or enjoy its prehistoric culture, history and gastronomy or enjoy the amazing sunset in Son Bou… Start getting ready your journey!

You can reach the island by ferry from Barcelona, Valencia or Palma de Mallorca. Start your journey sailing through the Mediterranean or if you prefer the journey by plane, during this period of the year, the island is well-connected to Spanish and European capitals.

If you want to plan your own excursions every single day of your staying in Menorca, the best thing you can do is to rent a car in advance. You would move around the island more easily as you won´t be pending on the public transport schedules.

An apartment or a villa will offer you the peace and privacy that you are looking for in this romantic escape.

Once you have arrived on the island, there is a large variety of activities, but for sure the first temptation you will have is to visit a virgin cove, just to enjoy its beauty and bathe in the sea. Beaches in the south are white and have thin sand; beaches in the north are ochre sand. So, before you chose which one to visit, get information about the course of the wind and go to the quietest area.

Be carried along by the villages of the island and their craft markets, this is a must. Afterwards it is time for a romantic candle-lit dinner, tasting the gastronomy of Menorca, the enticement of a great Mediterranean diet that will surprise you.

The outside activities will introduce you to different attractions. What would you prefer? Water sports as kayak through the cliffs of the island, or sailing by boat or snorkelling in the morning to discover the marine life? Or would you prefer to enjoy by bike the rural paths of Menorca?. Here we will leave you with the last and best temptation; what would you think about inviting your partner to ride a horse during the sunset across some of the beaches in the south of Menorca? Give in to the temptations!!


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