Travel to Menorca with the family, how to get to the island?

If you're planning a family trip to the island, here are some recommendations.

For travel to Menorca you can choose between two options depending on which is convenient to you either by boat or by plane.

If you want to travel with your own car, the only way to do this is by getting your car on the cargo boat. During the summer time you will find a lot of connections from three main harbours located in Valencia, Barcelona and Palma the Mallorca operated by different companies. The journey time varies between 4 and 8 hours depending on from you set sail and the company. If you think that you can get dizzy on the boat we recommend you not to forget your pills at home, they will help you to have a pleasant trip.

If you decide to take the plane, also you will find lots of flights from many airports all around Spain and Europe. If you are travelling with children or babies you must pay special attention on the luggage restrictions if flying with low cost companies.

Once you arrive to Menorca, the better option you have for moving around is hiring a car. The motorways are very simple and don’t have many hills. You will find many car rental companies in Menorca, with plenty different prices and accessories for babies and children. We recommend you make the booking before arriving to the island for a sure you the availability of all the things you may need.


If you are not hiring a car, the cheapest way for moving around is to go by bus. You can get all the information about the lines, frequencies and time tables through internet, clicking on

Also touristic information offices are the most effective way for request all the information about all the places you can visit and all the different activities you can do for an enjoyably holidays. This information points are for all the visitors that want to request local information and to guide them during they stay.

You can consult where all the touristic information offices are just clicking on,

For when are you planning to come and visit Menorca?

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