You can not miss these 3 beaches in Menorca's north coast

The beaches in the north of Menorca are usually not so visited as the ones in the south and they also give us sceneries of rock formations, but with less vegetation. The sand is thicker and the sea has larger waves because of the wind. Furthermore, you can enjoy great snorkeling all around its beautiful deep sea.


That is why there are more virgin beaches in Menorca and they are just perfect if you are looking for isolated and secret coves.

Cala Pregonda


Located between Binimel·là beach and Cap de s’Alairó, it is considerated the most beautiful and less-visited in the precipitous north of Menorca. The access by land is in areas complicated. You only can get to it from the car park, then you walk for approximately 20 minutes, through a rock and clay route without shade. This beach almost virgin, quiet and only with a few locals and tourist with an interesting sand dunes system at the back. It should be for that, that Cala Pregonda is the most recommended beach for local people.

Cala Pilar


Cala Pilar is situated between Ciutadella and Ferreries. As other north coves, there is less vegetation, the sand is thicker and its windy. The access to the beach by road is easy until you get to the car park, but from there you should walk nearly one hour before reaching the cove. So it is recommended you wear good shoes, take sun lotion and enough drinking water. Because of its beauty, this is an ideal cove for everybody who wants to stay alone and does not matter to “suffer” a little bit to find a secret hideout.

Cala Tortuga


Cala Tortuga is a sandy and lose stone virgin beach in the north coast of Menorca, 17 km away from Mahón and is next to the Favàritx lighthouse. The access by road is easy to Cap de Favàritx if you follow the traffic signs. The parking is free of charge. From this point, you can access it if you walk for 30 minutes through the path along the coast, between brushwood and passing two coves, then you will get to this idyllic beach.

Menorca is a beautiful place where you can rest and disconnect from the routine. The calm and great weather of Menorca will help you to live an unique experience that you would like to repeat for sure!

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