Sports and excursions in Menorca

The menorcan people have a culture which is deeply rooted and firmly linked to the enjoyment of sports, the majority of them out-doors. The island´s natural resourses give the perfect environment, combining the game or sport with the enjoyment and observation of unique countryside. There are three main areas within which fall the majority of the most popular sports in Menorca:

  • The sea
  • Menorca Outdoors.
  • Basketball

The sea


We are surrounded by clear blue Mediterranean waters, waters with an exciting military-maritime past and providing a rich food source. They offer an entertaining haven for those keen on sea sports. Actually the sea and her sports are vital to many island businesses. Some of the more notable water sports around the island include:

Sailing: Available in all the major ports of the island, which are Maó, Ciutadella, Fornells and Addaia. All these natural harbours promote great sailing and windsurfing competitions, such as the Kings Cup, High Sea Fishing Cup and the Classical Yachts Cup and Balearic windsurfing competition. There are plenty of quality and professional sailing and windsurfing schools operating on the island.

Scuba Diving: Menorca has some excellent underwater caves and protected waters that give a unique opportunity for serious divers. We also have some excellent and professionally operated schools for either learning or for expanding on skills already acquired , one of which is resident in Son Bou.And if you simply want to snorkle the coastline gives you an infinite choice of seascapes.

Other Water Sports Kayak, skiwakeboard, windsurf, kitesurf and skiing are some of the other alternative water sports. Equipment can be hired in the good nautical outlets or you can also travel over with your own gear. All the islands recommended sea sport schools can offer tuition with the equipment included.

Menorca Outdoors


With over 220 Km of coastline and a grand part of the island undeveloped and registered as natural space, covered with woods and rural fields, it’s easy to appreciate the locals love of nature. A new and interesting walk, mountain bike or horse riding run can be found on the old coastal bridal path which circles the island (El Camí de Cavalls). The islanders are natural horsemen and as a result, the island has some very good riding schools with great country bridal routes. To accommodate visitors with a sense of adventure, there are reputable adventure outlets offering guided bike runs, caving trips and specialized walking trips. Bicycles are also a popular option.



Incredible, that for the size of the island they had a team playing in the Spanish ABC league (2008/2009), second only to the NBA. Basketball is in the affable and conservative native’s heart, taught in the playgrounds and followed avidly throughouttheirlife. Visit one of the “Vivemenorca” matches playing against some of Spain’s teams and marvel at the noise and passion that the game generates within these mild mannered people. Not only does the island have a super team but some of its natural sportsmen are also playing basketball within the elite, an example to mention is Sergi Llull, a local man with a gift for the game and who plays for Real Madrid.

Very aware of the island´s interest in basket-ball, our Company, Menorca Rentals, has for some years been patron of the local basket-ball team in Alaior , which is presently playing in the EBA league throughout Spain.

And there´s still more ! For those who have still not had enough sport or have not found the one that motivates them, there are many more sports options at a high level to be found:

Golf: The Island has not gone down the “golfing” road like its bigger sister in Mallorca. But there is one club on the island , situated in Son Parc. This immaculately kept Club has 18 holes, practice runs, chip and put areas, buggy hire and club rental. There are regular competitions and they have a Professional too for classes.

Tennis, Padel and sport centers: Ciutadella, Maó, Alaior are perhaps the best tennis clubs in respect to quality of trainer, grounds and installations, although each town has courts open to the public. Padel is also a popular game, played in and padel courts and racket hire are to be found in most tennis clubs. We have private and public swimming pools with gymnasioms, with aerobics, spinning and spa facilities. A popular club in Mahon, on the estate of Malbuger, offers you a wide choice paying per activity.

Horse racing: There are two hypodromes on Menorca,and if you like to flutter on the horses every Saturday in the race track of Mahon(on the San Lluis road) you can “place your bets”. There is also one in Ciudadela.

Menorca´s private airport: The Island has a superb private aerodrome, in fact it’s the longest and straightest private runway in Europe, a fact that has stirred the attention of the Formula One car manufacturers, and for the last two winters the Island has enjoyed the company of McClaren, Renault, Honda and BMW technicians and drivers, testing aerodynamics, wheels, and other technical points. Away from the world of F1, the aerodrome also acts as a fire watch base and provides flights around the island to the public.

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