Do you know the secrets of the fort of La Mola in Menorca?

In the winter you can still stroll along the shoreline when the weather is mild and enjoy a magnificent sunset or the dawn in Menorca. Moreover, the island´s climate is ideal for exploring the island´s nooks and crannies, some with chunks of history which will captivate you.

From Menorca Rentals we recommend that you make the most of your visit to the fort, La Mola of Queen Isabel II. The fort is found at the mouth of the harbor of Mahon and was built around the middle of the 19th century, in order to prevent the British Navy reconquering the island of Menorca.

You will see some large buildings, a couple of watch towers built by the British and an extraordinary cannon; a Vickers 381mm. You can pass through the underground passages, the old arms stores and take in some breathtaking scenery from the view points. There is also the old military prison which the Menorcans call “La Penita”, and which was still used up until 1970.

It is an enormous site, almost a kilometre squared, and the round trip can last up to three hours. For this reason, it is recommended that you visit it on board an electric vehicle which you can hire.

It is said that there is a ghost at La Mola which moves around called “the White Lady”. Legend has it that the Countess Rocamari was shot by firing squad and thrown into the sea. However, she lay agonizing on the rocks. Some say that on occasions you can still hear her laments in the sound of the wind.

There are many stories locked in this great fortress. Why not come and discover it?


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