If you wish to see the first sunrise in Spain, come to Menorca

​Menorca is the most eastern territory of Spain. That is why we are the first to see the sun rising. When it begins to appear over the horizon and rises above the sea, a wonderful show of light and colours commences. 

At Menorca Rentals we recommend visiting Cala San Esteban, in the area of Es Castell. This tiny natural inlet on the eastern side of the island is an ideal spot. Typical white houses line the coast and little boats line up at the quayside.

Once you get to the end of the inlet, walk across the rocks until the Punta de Migjorn. You will easily find a place to sit down and wait until the sun appears. This can indeed be a romantic moment if you have come with your partner – just listen to the sound of the waves and the murmur of the sea.

You could even have a dip in the clear blue waters of the bay. There´s no sand, but there are several places where you can get into the water.

Then you can take a walk until La Torre del Ahorcado (Thehangman´s tower). It was built by the British in the 18th century, the same as the Fort Marlborough which is at the entrance of Cala San Esteban. It was from there that they could keep watch over the ships coming into the Port of Mahon.

And so, you will see a magnificent sunrise, from a privileged position. You may now want to see a sunset, too. In Menorca you have the choice. And how much better your day will be after such a spectacular beginning….


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