3 things to enjoy at the Port of Mahon

The port of Mahon is the largest natural port in the Mediterranean. It is 6 kilometres long and has two small islands offering unique attractions for you to enjoy while in Menorca.  Menorca Rentals propose the following visits:


Local crafts

A leisurely walk along the south side of the port is fully recommended. Between cafés and restaurants you will find shops selling the island´s local crafts. Ceramics and the typical “abarcas”, sandals made from leather, that farmers and workers have always worn and the famous international fashion houses, such as Prada, now copy. The port also has one of the oldest gin distilleries where you can taste the gin and other liquors.

Stop and have a drink, seated on one of the terraces, looking over the port, take a photo at the side of the port´s own mermaid, Mo…. All entertaining and relaxing moments.

King´s Island (La Isla del Rey)  

In the 18th century the British built a hospital on this island which was used until 1964. They them called it “bloody island”, because it was there they attended the wounded soldiers from the various battles in the history of Menorca.

A group of volunteers are restoring the buildings and you can see various rooms containing unique collections of pharmaceutical and medical history. There is an old printing press, which has been reassembled and is in working order. You can also visit one of the oldest Christian churches, dating back to the 6th century. The island is open to the public on Sunday mornings and the visit includes breakfast.


Another island on which a sanitary fortress was built, also in the 18th century,  is Lazareto. Here they retained in quarantine both cargos and people before they entered Menorca.

This island will open to the public during the summer months. You can wander round the splendid gardens and curious buildings within the thick walls that go right round the island.

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