Menorcan Cookery

The menorcan cookery is based on fresh, natural ingredients from our own farmland and surrounding sea.



Possibly the most significant of specialities are our fresh fish and shellfish.

The most famous of these is the  “Caldareta” of  lobster, which you can savour in most of the good local restaurants.

We recommend:

  • Café Balear (Ciudadella)
  • Es Cranc (Fornells)

Our local farmers supply us with delicious, succulent  local meat. Lamb, beef or Pork - they are all of a high quality here. Here we recommend:

  • Ca Na Marga (Ses Salinas-Fornells)
  • El Meson del Puerto (port of Mahon)

Here in Son Bou there is also a good selection of restaurants:

  • Casa Andres
  • Son Bou Restaurant
  • Las Dunas
  • Compostela

Menorcan cheese is world famous, (you can buy it in UK) and there are numerous shops that specialize in local products and a number of farms, too, where you will find a variety of the local cheeses;  Coinga, Mercadal, La Payesa and Binigarba are but a few. Nowadays varieties include herbs, wine and champayne flavours and there is goat´s cheese, too.

Cooked and cured meats are also a popular choice here.

The sobrasada is a frequent addition to local dishes, also fried or eaten in a sandwich, this tasty local red sausageis just one of the unique local flavours. Other popular ones are “Camot” and “Carnixua”.

The Menorquins have a really sweet tooth and there is a wide selection of biscuits and buns for tea-time.  Among the long list are: Carquiñols, Crespells, Pastissets, Rizats and Amargos, (a type of maccaroon.) Here in Alaior there are various bakers where you will see several brands:

  • La Menorquina
  • Ala dór

Local marmalades, jams and honey are very popular and make ideal gifts for friends and family.

The local gin, originally brought over by the British, is produced by Gin Xoriguer, in the port of Mahon. When mixed with lemonade, this makes the popular fiesta drink, called “pomada”.


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